“I’m not trying to reconstruct a shell or a dome.
Seeing the result however, I experience the influence”


Throughout my artistic career the suggestion of endless movement has been the most important theme in my work. I have a strong affinity with geometric forms and my work can always be placed in a geometric tradition. A mathematical law suggests that this kind of work is very rational and calculable, my source of inspiration, however, is nature, first and foremost. Although the objects seem to have a rather cerebral source, considering the forms, the colouring is always very intuitive and it is meant to give my work a less austere character. For me it is important my work has a skin and therefore I use brushes to apply the engobes to the forms I make, thus giving the surface its structure. Balance is another aspect which plays an important role in my oeuvre. The works often seem to stand on just two or three points and can often be placed in different ways. Also the interaction between form and coulouring is a question of delicate balance.

Since 2002 I write for ceramics magazines. I started writing for the Australian Ceramics Art&Perception and Ceramics Technical, later on also for the American issues. For the Dutch magazines Keramiek and Klei I’ve also written over the last fifteen years. Ocasionally I’ve written for the German Neue Keramik. In 2015 I was asked by Peter Hiemstra to write the text for the book which was published on the occasion of his 35-years jubilee.